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VIAVAC compact Curved

For the installation of flat and curved glass

In addition to different glass sizes, curved glass is increasingly used in new-build construction works. This gives an elegant look to the building and provides a unique angle of incidence. The challenge in the installation of curved glass is the suction of the curved surface. This is not a task for a standard glass lifter. Furthermore, the curved glass is fragile, and care must be taken not to break the material. VIAVAC would not be VIAVAC if a solution for this were not created; namely, the VIAVAC compact Curved. The handy lifter for the installation of curved glass.


  • Rotatable through 360° with locking facility at each 90°
  • Tiltable through 90°
  • Suitable for a radius of at least 800 mm


Type GB2-300/800
Lifting capacity 300 kg
Own weight 75 kg
Vacuum circuits Dual-circuit

Curved glass

The VIAVAC compact Curved features adjustable arms. These ensure that the suction pads attach properly to the curved glass. Then, the element is lifted in its entirety to the installation site and placed in position. In addition, with the VIAVAC compact Curved, the elements can easily be rotated and tilted from their transport position.

Adjustable to different radii

This glass lifter is suitable for the installation of curved glass panels up to 300 kg. The lifter is also adjustable for different radii (minimum radius 800 mm) and the glass can be picked up on both the convex and concave sides. The lifter is suitable for the installation of both curved and flat glass panels. The uniqueness of the VIAVAC compact Curved also lies in its tilt and rotate function. The use of the attachable lifting arm keeps the glass in a vertical position because the lifting lug is suspended above the center of the load.

  • The handy co-worker of your assembly team!


    Vacuum switch

    Digital indication

    Operating handle

    Rotate and tilt

    8 Suction pads

    On adjustable frame

    Operating handle

    Suction and release with safety latch


    Battery charging level


    For the electric components

    Solid grips

    Vacuum gauge

    Red-green indication

    Lifting eye

  • 360º rotation with locking facility every 90º.

  • 90º tilting mechanism.

  • For installation of both flat and curved glass.

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Vacuum circuit:
Max. capacity:
Suction cups:
Own weight:

VIAVAC compact Curved

Circuit gauge Circuit gauge
300 kg
110x60 cm
80 kg


  • C
    300 kg

    110x60 cm

    80 kg