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Advantages of renting

The decision to purchase or rent a vacuum lifter can depend on a number of factors. Rental is a sound alternative and can offer a number of advantages. Below you can find a summary of the advantages of renting that might apply to you.

No investment
By opting to rent, no investment or financing is required. In addition, you do not have to take into account costs for maintenance, repairs, or annual safety checks.

Always the right device for your project
For rentals, the vacuum lifter is assembled for your project. With expert advice from our staff, we ensure that you can always start working with an optimally configured vacuum lifter. We have a large stock of suction cups and various accessories available to this end.

No costs for storage or servicing
When you rent a vacuum lifter, you do not need to take into account costs for storage or servicing or the required annual safety check.

The devices always have a safety inspection
Given that the vacuum lifter is expertly checked after each rental period, you have the assurance that you are working with a properly functioning machine that has also been subjected to a safety inspection. The vacuum lifter is delivered with the necessary documents so that you can start work immediately.

In the case of any breakdown we provide a substitute machine
If during use there is suddenly a breakdown or a defect occurs, we ensure the repair of your device as fast as possible or provide you with a substitute machine.

Transport service to and from the building site
For delivery of the vacuum lifter, you can make use of the shipping service of VIAVAC. This way, the device can be delivered to the construction site at the time you indicate. Upon request, we deliver the machine a day early so that you can get started first thing in the morning. Once the work is completed, the vacuum lifter will be collected by us.

Easy to use
The vacuum lifter is easy to use and is delivered with a clear user manual. It suffices to read through the user manual before starting work.

Large stock of vacuum lifters
VIAVAC always has a large stock of vacuum lifters available. In addition, we have a wide selection of different suction cups and various accessories available. This means that you will always have a vacuum lifter available with the right configuration and suction cups suited to your job.