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New VIAVAC business premises under construction

As if our 25th anniversary is not festive enough, we have something else to celebrate. At this moment a completely new premises is being built. With the first celebration concrete pillar being placed in 2019, the construction is running smooth. Our new building is build built just a few steps away from the current location. Soon we will have access to 3,500 m² of commercial space, which will further increase professionalizing our growth and range of products.

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More square meters to continue growth

The new building has a surface area of 1,000 m² of office space and no less than 2,500 m² of warehouse space. The height of the warehouse is 12 m. This offers enough room for further growth and future product developments. Sustainability measures have also been applied by installing a heat pump and solar panels. This allows us to deliver our rental equipment fully charged by renewable energy.

A picture says more than a thousand words

The design of the new building is modern and is characterized by transparent facades with the implementation of horizontal facade openings. The entrance is striking and inviting with matching accents and sun blinds. The steel construction is powder coated and consists of over 197,000 kg of steel. It goes without saying that all roof and wall panels are mounted with our own vacuum lifting devices!

The new building will be realized by Bedrijfsbouw Partners B.V. We expect to move into our new building in September 2020. We look forward on welcoming you there!

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Rent, service and sales continue! | VIAVAC corona policy

The world is in the grip of the coronavirus. We, take responsibility too and do our utmost to prevent the spread of the virus by following government guidelines. We strive to provide you in the best of our ability, according to our high standards.

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VIAVAC is available!
Our staff can be reached by phone and email. In some situations a staff member will help you from home. Furthermore, we apply appropriate measures at our headquarters in Lopik (NL). If you come to pick up or return a device, we ask you to follow the stated measures.

Renting vacuum lifters
As long as there are no other guidelines from the government, it is possible to rent a vacuum lifter for your projects. You can directly call +31 (0)348 – 449 662 or email rental@viavac.com.

Delivery of purchased equipment
We can still deliver according to previous agreements and our production process is running according to schedule. We have sufficient stock to serve you as quickly as possible. In case of changes, we will of course inform you in time.

Maintenance and service
Until further notice it has been decided not to carry out any inspections or maintenance on site. In this way we guarantee the safety of you and that of our employees. However, we offer the possibility to have your device inspected in-house at our headquarters in Lopik (NL). Please contact our service department directly on +31 (0)348- 449 664 or send an e-mail to service@viavac.com.

Malfunction? VIAVAC is on standby
We can’t leave a malfunction unresolved and we’re still available for that. However, adapted measures apply here as well. For example, the device must be placed inhouse and no other people are allowed to be near, to protect our service technicians. Would you like to report a malfunction? Please contact our service department.

We will continue to deliver our products within the current situation. The health and safety of our employees and customers have the highest priority!

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Specialist in the field of smart lifting solutions for over 25 years

VIAVAC is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founder Arie de Groot started out as an independent constructor in the Dutch town of IJsselstein in 1995. Under his supervision, the company has become an international player in the field of vacuum lifting techniques for the installation of glass, roof, facade, and wall panels. The company now employs more than 30 staff members, while vacuum lifting solutions are used in over 75 countries—and this number continues to grow.

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Safety and efficiency in the construction field

VIAVAC focuses on challenges in the construction field, such as heavy physical work and working at great heights. To increase safety and efficiency on building sites, VIAVAC has developed vacuum panel lifters. Each new product undergoes a comprehensive process of testing, continuous development, and adjustment. The vacuum lifters must be resistant to moisture, cold, and heat, and must be able to withstand rough handling. The enormous variety of panel profiles and glass sizes requires different types of suction pads and configuration options. And it is essential that the glass lifters transport easily. While VIAVAC focuses on smart lifting solutions, they also investigate any problems users tend to encounter. How can things be made easier, faster, and, above all, safer?


Vacuum lifting: the Dutch standard

In 2002, the first CladBoy was ready to enter the market. Despite the vacuum lifter being an immediate success in the Netherlands, the company did its utmost to continue to improve this first model. VIAVAC continued to listen to users’ demands. Heavy work needed to become lighter and construction times shorter, which resulted in a new lifting and tilting device, namely the RotaBoy. In 2006, VIAVAC developed a special vacuum lifter for glass; the GlassBoy. The market for the installation of glass elements appreciated the high quality of these devices, and VIAVAC expanded with new models. VIAVAC recently introduced the GBL2 to lift glass panels of up to 500 kilograms.

The crowning glory is its collaboration with the Occupational Health and Safety Service. With subsequent legislation, vacuum lifting became the Dutch standard. This was quickly picked up on internationally, and vacuum lifting soon became a household name in the field. In 2020, VIAVAC’s dealer network is spread across 19 countries, and its products are used in more than 75 countries.

“Increasing safety and efficiency on building sites. Worldwide.”

– Arie de Groot

VIAVAC responds to market developments

VIAVAC designs, develops, and manufactures in-house and can therefore quickly respond to market developments, such as warm roof constructions and the increasing weight of glass elements. Users can not only purchase tools from VIAVAC, but can also rent these. In this way, users can benefit from the latest developments. Thanks to substantial rental stocks, the desired lifter is always available. VIAVAC’s transport service delivers to all work places and construction sites. Customers praise the service that VIAVAC offers: all tests, repairs, and maintenance take place quickly either at VIAVAC or on location. In the event of a malfunction, immediate support is provided; that way, customers can continue their work without losing their valuable time.

Expansion with a mission

VIAVAC won’t be resting on its laurels in the coming years. The construction of a new building in the Dutch town of Lopik offers the opportunity for further growth. Besides improving the current series, VIAVAC will also develop new lifting solutions to take the strain off various heavy physical tasks. VIAVAC is also committed to expanding its international distribution network. VIAVAC remains faithful to the original mission of founder Arie de Groot:

“Increasing safety and efficiency on building sites. Worldwide.”

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