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Versatile assembly for all glass sizes

Glass panels come in many shapes and sizes. When you are installing glass panels, you want to be assured of a lifter that can handle various sizes. The VIAVAC GBX offers a solution. Thanks to its removable extension beams and suction pads, this lifter can quickly adapt to various glass sizes.

Modular in six configurations

The VIAVAC GBX is a versatile vacuum lifter for the installation of glass panels up to 800 kg. This lifter is easy to assemble in six different ways. Small, long, narrow, and large glass panels are no longer a challenge for the VIAVAC GBX. The lifter attaches to the glass elements quickly and precisely, which speeds up the installation process. It is also possible to lock the lifter at the desired angle, so you can also install inclined glass elements easily and safely.


  • Tiltable through 90° and lockable in 5 positions
  • Rotatable through 360° and lockable in 8 positions


Type GBX2-800
Lifting capacity 800 kg
Own weight 85 kg
Vacuum circuits Dual-circuit

Installing under eaves or in confined spaces

Installing glass near an overhang, under a balcony, or where the glass elements are mounted on the inside of the window frame? The VIAVAC GBX is very suitable for this in combination with the VIAVAC Counter Balancer. This effective tool is equipped with a counterweight so that lifting operations can be performed within the facade line. Glass elements are often placed on the inside of the window frame. The VIAVAC Counter Balancer can cover a distance of up to 1 meter and is suitable for a lifting total of up to 1,000 kg. With weights of up to 500 kg, the insertion depth is 2 meters.

Radio remote control

The VIAVAC GBX also has the option of a radio remote control. This makes installing glass panels even easier, especially during uncoupling in confined spaces.


The VIAVAC GBX “The all-rounder” is a versatile glass lifter for the installation of glass in combination with a crane. Not only is the VIAVAC GBX robust and solid, it’s also equipped with a sturdy handle all around. Experience this glass lifter for yourself and get to know all the capabilities.

  • Multiple configuration options make this the versatile choice.

  • Configuration of GBX for installing small glass elements up to 400 kg.

  • Configuration of GBX for installing long and narrow glass elements up to 400 kg.

  • Configuration of GBX for installing long and narrow glass elements up to 600 kg.

  • Configuration of GBX for installing large glass elements up to 800 kg.

  • Easy to transport in sturdy plastic transport box.

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Vacuum circuit:
Max. capacity:
Suction cups:
Own weight:


Circuit gauge Circuit gauge
800 kg
8x Ø40 cm
85 kg


  • W
    800 kg

    8x Ø40 cm

    85 kg