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Small size for a variety of flat glass

Often, multiple panel lifters are required due to the versatility of flat glass. The VIAVAC GBL can lift all standard glass sizes. Thanks to its functional design, this glass lifter is easy to assemble. Allowing you to get to work within two minutes!

Versatile and compact with a maximum lifting capacity

The VIAVAC GBL is designed to easily install a variety of flat glass. Due to its compactness, this glass lifter can be widely used for large glass facade elements, windows between facades and scaffolding, or long glass panels for conservatories. The innovative, short lifting lug also makes lifting in small spaces possible. A lifting or mini-crane can be used to place flat glass under an overhang. The VIAVAC GBL is suitable for installing glass panels of up to 250 kg. The lifting capacity can be expanded to 500 kg by adding extensions.


  • Tiltable through 90° with locking facility at each 18°
  • Rotatable through 360° and lockable in 8 positions


Type GBL2 Basic GBL2 Extended
Lifting capacity 250 kg 500 kg
Own weight 32 kg 48 kg
Vacuum circuit Dual-circuit Dual-circuit


For both small and large glass panels

Almost every project involves installing glass sizes of different weights, but you don’t want to use a different glass lifter for each glass panel. Therefore, you can add extensions to the VIAVAC GBL. In this way, you can lift glass panels of different sizes. The size can range from 400 × 900 mm to 4,500 × 2,500 mm. Thanks to the option to extend up to 2 meters, the VIAVAC GBL offers an additional span for glass panels with a length of 4,500 mm. As a result, glass panels do not break under their own weight.

Easy installation, even in hard-to-reach places

This small, powerful glass lifter not only has a large lifting capacity, but is also equipped with a dual-circuit safety system. With dual-vacuum technology, additional safety straps are no longer a requirement. This will save you time. For the installation of glass panels in hard-to-reach places, the VIAVAC GBL also has the option of a radio remote control. This offers a great advantage when glass is installed from the inside out.

  • Small size for large and a variety of flat glass.



    Long and short version


    Suction / release


    Connect vacuum hoses



  • GBL2 Basic. For the installing glass elements up to 250 kg.

  • GBL2 Extended. For the installing glass elements up to 500 kg.

  • Easy to transport in the matching transport carriage.

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Vacuum circuit:
Max. capacity:
Suction cups:
Own weight:

GBL2 Basic

Circuit gauge Circuit gauge
250 kg
20x40 cm
32 kg

GBL2 Extended

Circuit gauge Circuit gauge
500 kg
20x40 cm
48 kg


  • 250 kg

    20x40 cm

    32 kg

  • 500 kg

    20x40 cm

    48 kg

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