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Wall projects

This page contains a selection of projects with our vacuum lifters.

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Construction new data center Facebook with VIAVAC vacuum lifters

Currently, the construction of the new Facebook data center is underway in Odense, Denmark. This data center will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient buildings of its kind. The Dutch construction company TSV is participating in this project and using VIAVAC’s vacuum lifters.

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For the construction of the enormous roof of the Facebook data center, several parties are using a variety of VIAVAC’s vacuum lifters. Specifically for this project, TSV purchased two new CladBoy CB4s, which are being used to install steel roof panels in this building.

Facebook’s decision to build the center in Odense was made because of the favorable climate. The company will save money on air-conditioning that would otherwise have wasted energy. With a surface area of 56,000 square meters, this is Facebook’s third data center outside the US. The servers in the data center will store pictures, videos and other information.

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The CladBoy CB4 is used in this project.

Copenhagen’s new arena

In 2016, a lot of hard work was put into building Denmark’s largest stadium, the Royal Arena, a multi-functional indoor stadium in the Ørestad South urban area of Copenhagen. VIAVAC supplied Danish company HS Hansen with the CladBoy compact GB-750 vacuum lifter to assemble the sandwich cladding panels.

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The vacuum lifter is suitable for lifting panels up to a weight of 750 kilograms, is very compact and easy to transport, and efficiently handles a variety of assembly jobs.

The arena meets the highest international standards with respect to comfort, acoustics and functionality. The Arena opened in early 2017 and has a capacity of 12,500 spectators for sporting events and up to 16,000 for concerts.

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The CladBoy compact GB-750 is used in this project.

Installation of roof and wall panels for a cold store

For the installation of sandwich roof and wall panels of the cold store building, different VIAVAC vacuum lifters were used. CladBoy CB4 was used for the roofing, and CladBoy compact for the wall panels. The installation work was done by KIM Nederland, leading specialist in modular insulated construction.

The cold store is composed of a 40 m high steel structure with sandwich panels for the roof. The façade has a thickness of 20 cm and panels up to a length of 19 m.

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Strict safety requirements on the construction site

For this project, very strict requirements were set concerning safety on the construction site and the working conditions for the employees. The use of VIAVAC vacuum lifters, among other things, made it possible to install the very long and heavy sandwich panels in a safe and efficient way.

The cold store has more than 21,000 pallet places and a fully automated logistics throughput system at an operating temperature of -17 degrees.

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The CladBoy CB4 is used in this project.

Facade installation for Henkel’s central warehouse

For the facade installation for the new central warehouse of Henkel, the CladBoy compact GB2-375 was used successfully. The central warehouse is the world’s largest fully automated storage centre with a total floor area of 16,000 m² with 10 floors and a capacity of 90,000 pallet places.

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Minimum effort required
The facades are constructed of sandwich panels with a rock wool core, delivered and installed by the firm Brucha. This compact vacuum lifter is fitted with a dual vacuum system, so that secondary safety devices are not necessary. Because of this, the heavy sandwich panels (circa 300 kg and a length of circa 12 m) could be installed quickly, with minimal utilization of personnel, in an efficient way.

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The CladBoy compact GB2-375 is used in this project.

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