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“Engineers are always busy”

VIAVAC engineers are always out and about. One moment, you will find them at the drawing table. The next, they will be testing devices in the workshop, before applying their findings to advanced design models. Head of the Engineering department Wouter Verheij and his colleague-engineers are responsible for the development of new lifting solutions and the continued improvement of existing product lines. These projects are always conducted in close collaboration with manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

“Our work comprises the entire process from brainstorm, design sketches and customer interviews to end-product assembly. Prototypes are extensively tested by a selected group of customers. Their reviews always lead to interesting insights, which we will apply when we continue our development.

Glass construction line

Our most recent innovation is the VIAVAC GBL. This highly compact vacuum glass lifter is part of our glass construction line and can lift glass elements and windows of up to 500 kg. It is VIAVAC GBX’s little brother, which hoists up to 800 kg of glazing. This product has been on the market for over a year, but at VIAVAC, we keep moving. The glass construction world is dynamic. Glass elements are getting larger and heavier and have customized, curved forms. Continued development is vital if we are to respond to these changes, now and in the future.

Suction pads for corrugated panels

The fascinating aspect of our work is that we are constantly challenged to come up with solutions to improve the ease and efficiency of our customers’ work. An excellent example is the development of a universal suction pad for corrugated panels. Before, every kind of corrugated board required a different suction pad. Together with several customers, we took the challenge and entered an intensive quest, which involved sketches, designs, coordination and testing. It was quite a complicated project, but eventually, our Engineering department managed to develop a suction pad that lifts six to seven different types of corrugated panels.

Major advantage

This universal suction pad lifts various types of corrugated panels with one type of suction pad. As such, it provides a major advantage for our customers, as they no longer have to purchase specific sets of suction pads for different kinds of corrugated panels. It is a unique innovation in our industry. Naturally, the product complies with the European EN-13155 safety standard to guarantee safe use. I am proud to have been able to achieve this result with my colleagues.”