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“Actually, there are no more challenges for us when it comes to vacuum lifting. VIAVAC has solutions for everything.”

Stijn Haegens, Owner Haegens Kraanverhuur en Transport


Family business with a wide range of products

Stijn Haegens, owner of Haegens Kraanverhuur en Transport: “My father and mother started this company in 1982 and my wife and I took over 16 years ago. We are constantly innovating. Our oldest machines are about 8 years old and we still have 11 machines on order to replace. The market is asking more and more for electric machines, so that’s what our eyes are on.

The quality of people and equipment is very important to us. We also attach great value to service, a deal is a deal with us. Our strength lies in its wide scope: an extensive range of services for many different industries. We do both horizontal and vertical transport, for construction, road construction, factories, antenna construction, landscapers, private individuals and so on..


VIAVAC is the number 1 in the industry

VIAVAC is the number 1 in our industry in the field of vacuum lifting tools. We use two other brands ourselves, but VIAVAC stands out for us. They have a wide range of products, the products are of high quality and the service is always good. The employees think along with us, have sufficient in-house knowledge and because of the short lines of communication we get a quick response.

Their focus on the future also suits us well, other brands are practically at a standstill in terms of development. As an example: VIAVAC has tailor-made suction cups for all roof and wall profiles. For the finishing of ceilings and interior walls they also have the CladMaster. This type of innovation enables us to serve our customers even better. We certainly recommend VIAVAC to other crane rental and transport companies

They have a solution for everything

We have been working with VIAVAC products for 15 years now. We first hired a vacuum lifter, but soon started buying the products. We now have two CladBoys, a CladBoy compact and a VIAVAC GBX2-800. For deviating profiles we rent special suction cups. Actually, there are no more challenges for us when it comes to vacuum lifting: VIAVAC has a solution for everything.