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“I like the long opening hours: I can pick up something early in the morning for work.”

Pieter Swijnenburg, owner Swijnenburg Transport


Breaking new ground in regional transport

Pieter Swijnenburg, owner of Swijnenburg Transport: “Our customers are good at a certain product, but do not have a transport solution. You can make beautiful constructions, but if they can’t be transported, they’re of no use to you. When it comes to transport, we are just as pioneering as our customer in the development of their product. We deliver tailor-made solutions. Not only the transport, but we also store projects, for example, and deliver them on demand. At the construction site, we also assist with the installation, so that the mechanics can finish the job smoothly. The starting point is the car with loading crane, but around that we provide clamping services. We are careful with our customers: some of whom we have had for over 30 years, to full satisfaction.

Compact and robust design

10 years ago we were introduced to the products of VIAVAC. At that time, they were pioneers in the field of double vacuum circuits. We bought them right away. Especially the compact and robust design appealed to us. With us, the device is always on the car and is used for many jobs, robustness is an important feature. Due to the robustness, the weight is higher, but that is less important to us.

I am very satisfied with the service. For a period it went a bit less, due to a lack of inspectors, but that has now been solved with the arrival of new inspectors. The strength of VIAVAC lies in the short lines, I am always neatly informed when something is ready. The service is constant, independent of the hustle and bustle. You sometimes see that differently.

The other day I brought my GBX away for maintenance, but I actually needed it the next day. Then I rented one. My own GBX appeared to be ready unexpectedly quickly, but I didn’t have time to pick it up. VIAVAC didn’t charge the rental price at that time, that was solved nicely.

They have a large stock of purchase and rental machines and I also like the long opening hours: I can go there early in the morning to pick something up for work.

I always rent the vacuum lifters from VIAVAC, because of the quality.

I now own 10 vacuum lifters, so I can always use them. Only panel vacuum lifters don’t use very often, I hire them if necessary with the right configuration. For some applications we use other vacuum lifters, but when I rent them myself, they are actually always the VIAVAC vacuum lifters, because of the quality.

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