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“The safety of the double circuit was decisive for us. If something fails, you have an emergency system.”

Jan Brouwer, owner J. Brouwer en Zonen BV


Any transport is possible

Jan Brouwer, owner J. Brouwer en Zonen BV: “Our company has 35 employees. With the use of flat trailers, extendable trailers, semi low loaders, closed trailers, mobile cranes and car loading cranes, any transport is possible. One of our specialities is the dismantling of construction cranes: we have a lot of resources to dismantle even large, heavy cranes.

Solved satisfactorily

Last year, when GBL was under development, we were advised to buy two of them. It was finished later than expected, but that was satisfactorily solved with a loan machine. We have only been customers for a short time, so we do not yet have any experience with further service.

Double circuit decisive

Especially the double circuit was decisive: then you still have an emergency system if something malfunctions. The GBL is the right tool to carry out assignments with glass quickly and well. We notice that our customers buy VIAVAC products themselves.

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