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“VIAVAC takes a flexible approach, so I can be flexible for my customers, as well.”

– Kenny de Vroom, business owner at HanJac Montage

“The variety makes my job fun and challenging.”

Kenny de Vroom: “We specialize in lifting jobs from places that standard cranes can’t reach. This often involves indoor work. Our work ranges from internal transport to the assembly of structures. This variety makes my job fun and challenging. We own all of our equipment; including four mini cranes, two smart lifts, several aerial work platforms, and transport equipment. I am very proud of that.”


“I was still young when my father first contacted VIAVAC and I was allowed to handle a VIAVAC vacuum panel lifter. As we specialize in the installation of roof and facade cladding, we couldn’t do without a CladBoy, of course. At the time, we chose vacuum panel lifters because they are compact and robust. The quality is so good that the panel lifters last for a very long time. They have never let me down. That says a lot about the reliability of VIAVAC.

The focus on reliability is also reflected in the way VIAVAC involves its customers in new developments. For example, I was asked to test new products and was quite honoured to be asked. It makes you feel that you are being listened to, and that you are contributing to an even safer and more efficient installation method.

I own one CladBoy compact GB-250 and two CladBoy compact GB-500s myself. I use them for the installation of wall plates. I also have a VIAVAC GBL2, which really adds value. It is compact, modular and lightweight. Just what you need when working in tight spaces. And the best part is that it can be controlled with a radio remote control.”

Commitment to the customer

“I like the cooperation with VIAVAC. The staff members are actively involved with their customers. They also take a flexible approach, so I can be flexible for my customers, as well. Although I can challenge myself. By saying: ‘Yes, I can do that!’ And, you know what? I end up making it work! In the end, it’s about strengthening each other’s networks; from freelancers to suppliers. That way, we can all offer something extra to the end customer.”